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Nylon is one of the most common materials used to make tennis racket strings. Depending on their chemical composition, nylon strings can be soft or firm. Strings made with a nylon-core offer a good level of performance and durability and are less expensive than other types of materials. Another string material option is polyester.

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In this article, you will be enlightened about the materials that are used to make racquets that feel good in your hand and help you give an outstanding performance. 1. Frame: Graphite. It is the most popular material for a tennis racquet. A racquet with pure graphite frames has a stiff structure and inflexibility in its property.

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Graphite’s is a lightweight material with different grades which are derived from carbon. Graphite is mainly used to make frames of tennis rackets as it is a lot more flexible and tough structured than wood. Pure graphite made tennis rackets have a stiffer feel, making them a favourite of power hitters of tennis.

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The most common materials that are used to make a tennis racket grip are rubber, leather, synthetic polymer, etc. These materials are soft at the same time helps to maintain a good grip. To improve friction, the racket grips are often designed with curved, textured, or patterned surface.

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Other materials found in tennis rackets are nylon, gut, or synthetic gut for the strings, and leather or synthetic material for the handle grip. Nylon is probably the most common string material, and only a few professionals still use gut, which is made from twisted cow or sheep intestine.

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Today most racket frames are made from light-weight graphite or graphite composites that incorporate materials such as titanium, kevlar or fibreglass, giving added levels of frame flexibility, while remaining cost effective.

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Sports engineers, therefore, benefit from working closely with biomechanists to ensure realistic impact conditions. ... Tennis racket materials have changed over the years, from wood to aluminium...

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A look into the history of tennis rackets, from natural wood to steel and new technologies, as players like Roger Federer adapt and change their rackets as they evolve.