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Below are some of the most common viva questions. Tell me about yourself. Summarise your research/thesis in 3 minutes. Tell us how your research contributes to knowledge discourse? What are the practical applications of your research? What is the strength and weakness of your research? How does your research help solving the underlying problems?

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Tennis Interview Questions ; Question 12. Who Is The Tallest International Basketball Player Ball Team In Usa? Answer : Juliana Semenova (Russia) 7 feet 2 inches. Football Interview Questions; Question 13. In Which Country Basketball Is The National Game? Answer : U.S.A. Polo Tutorial ; Question 14. When Was Women’s Basketball Included In The Olympics? Answer :


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Okay. So Today was my practical. The practical teacher first asked if my topic is football or basketball. Then he asked me questions on basket ball like duration of basketball match, total officials of a match. Then he asked me what is a swiss ball and aslo asked to mention its uses. Then I was asked to tell about plymetric exercises.

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12. Passing is another skill that when masteredcan help you become a complete basketballplayer. Basketball is a team sport thatinvolves finding a teammate who is open fora shot. The ability to pass the ball tothis player can make the difference betweenscoring and not scoring. Types of passes :- Chest passes 2. Bounce Pass 3. Overhead Pass 4.

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5. The Basketball poles should be at least 2 m away from the end line. 6. Now the throw can be given from the end line. 7. 30 second rule has been changed to 24 seconds. 8. Now there are four periods of the game i.e.10 – 10 – 10 – 10 minutes. 9. A rectangular shaped restricted area has been introduced.

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Class 12 Physical Education Most Important questions 2020. Hi guys as the examination is nearby and tension is high , I have tried my level best to bring the Most important questions with solution for Class 12 , which will help you to score good marks in 2020 board examination even if your syllabus is half completed.

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Answer (1 of 4): Hey there ! I got 30/30 in Physical education viva in 12th boards 2018. That was really weird, the external came so so so late, everytime our teacher called her,she told she is in station. reaching in about 15 minutes.